Pharmacological Evaluation Institute of Japan (PEIJ), General Incorporated Association

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Pharmacological Evaluation Institute of Japan (PEIJ) is a non-profit pharmacology research institute. We are working with the activities globally for improvement in the reliability of the evaluation method of toxicity / safety and efficacy used in the case of drug development and chemical safety as an "ADAPTER". We are also working for STEAM education for all in the SDGs.

[2018.03.04, PEIJ]

PEIJ has an advanced science program for younger generation. We started a "PEIJ Youth Science Lab" and junior/senior high school students are joining us as PEIJ Junior Researchers. They are enjoying their own research activity including thesis reading/writing, discussion with richly experienced researchers, awareness survey, cell culture, etc. We encourage PEIJ Junior Researchers to think for themselves.

World Topic: CiPA in Hindsight Roundtable Discussion

This roundtable discussion is presented by Ncardia and HESI and describes the current and evolving roles of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and drug safety.

The ICH stage 1 Q&As are now available on the ICH website.