[2020.1.30]PEIJ is GeCIP Institution that have access to the Genomics England Research Environment, the 100,000 Genomes Project data.
[2019.12.13]PEIJ has signed the PA for GeCIP.
[2018.09.30-10.2]PEIJ makes a poster presentation, "New Approach for Neuropharmacology Profile: In-Situ Real-Time Neuropharmacology Monitoring by Imaging Technique Using the Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs)", at Safety Pharmacology Society 2018 Annual Meeting.
[2018.03.04]PEIJ has an advanced science program for younger generation.We started a "PEIJ Youth Science Lab" and junior/senior high school students are joining us as PEIJ Junior Researchers.They are enjoying their own research activity including thesis reading/writing, discussion with richly experienced researchers, awareness survey, cell culture, etc.We encourage PEIJ Junior Researchers to think for themselves.
[2017.12.18]PEIJ attended the HESI Cardiac Safety Committee Myocyte Database Subteam.
[2017.12.12]PEIJ attended the CiPA Steering Team In-Person Meeting.
[2017.11.28]PEIJ attended the workshop, "Improving Cardiotoxicology Assessment with Human-Relevant Platforms," by FDA WebEx.
[2017.11.15-17]PEIJ attended the Science Centre World Summit 2017 (SCWS2017).PEIJ is working for STEAM education for all in the SDGs using Organ-on-a-Chip.
[2017.11.09] PEIJ attended the CiPA in-silico modelling workshop.
[2017.11.06]PEIJ exchanges information and opinions with Syril D. Pettit, Executive Director, ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI). We are continuing to cooperate each other.
[2017.10.28-29] Inutsuka T and Ide Y. Open science consideration obtained from "MEA Parser" international publication. The 32nd Annual Academic Conference of Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management.
[2017.10.24-25]PEIJ attended the NYSCF Conference. PEIJ is working for STEAM education for all in the SDGs using Organ-on-a-Chip.
[2017.04.03]PEIJ releases the "MEA Parser" to HESI Cardiac Safety Committee Myocyte Database Subteam.
[2016.10.14]"Regenerative medicine & Cell therapy industrialization network of Kanagawa (RINK)" is established. PEIJ is one of the Board Member of the RINK.
[2016.09.28]PEIJ received designation from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as the research institute where Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research-KAKENHI- can be treated.
[2016.09.25]CSAHi, “realize the application of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes and neurons for drug safety evaluations by both technological advancement and including policy recommendations,” office is in PEIJ.
[2016.08.25]The life Innovation Center (LIC), where PEIJ is in, opening ceremony is held on August 25, 2016.
[2016.08.15]PEIJ decides and establishes two research centers for acceleration PEIJ's R&D activities.- Center for Public Health (CPH) (Director Maya Okamoto, Ph.D.)- Center for Pharmacological Science (CPS)
[2016.04.01]Our laboratory moves to the Life Innovation Center (In order to promote industrialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, the Government of Kanagawa Prefecture established the “Life Innovation Center” at Tonomachi area in the City of Kawasaki).
[2015.06.01-03] PEIJ joins Good Cell Culture Practice for iPS workshop, 01-03 June, 2015, Baltimore, USA.
[2014.12.14-15]PEIJ assists the symposium, Kanagawa Prefecture-NIH/NCATS Symposium -Translational Research Support and Human Resource Development between Japan and United States-, and sets up meetings with Dr. Petra Kaufmann (Director of Clinical Innovation, NCATS) and Dr. Danilo Tagle (Associate Director for Special Initiatives, NCATS).
[2014.9.23]PEIJ assists the ISN satellite symposium, "Key molecules for neuronal maturation" -Application for validating the maturation of human iPSC-derived neurons-, 23 September, 2014, 13:00~17:20, Tokyo, Japan, and took a role in a general master of this symposium.
[2014.5.12]PEIJ was established. PEIJ's vision is "make a future together."