MicSTeC (Organ-on-a-chip)

We are developing and using Organ-on-a-Chips for in vitro Assay System at the PEIJ Microphysiological System Testing Center (MicSTeC) in the Center for Public Health (CPH).

There are many opportunities in MicSTeC for researchers and companies; collaboration, prototype demonstration, getting information, analytic support etc. Everything you need for your organ-on-a-chip project.

And we understand the importance of the data stability from organ-on-a-chip and organ panel, so we are collaborating internationally how we can solve this issue and what criteria we need with.

MicSTeC is also working for STEAM education for all in the SDGs using Organ-on-a-Chip.

"Bridging the gap between formal education and informal learning is clearly one of the future trends of our societies. In addition, it is important to combine empirical hands-on experiments with digital solutions. Traditional STEM-pedagogy becomes even more effective by adding the creative element of Art – to form STEAM."

Dr. Hannu Salmi, Professor, CREATIONS-Project, University of Helsinki, Finland, and Adviser for PEIJ